The historical family house is located on the hill of the residential area of Troja in Prague. The house is naturally integrated with the landscape and having strong connections the different levels of the terrain. This special location offers to the residents a strong and particular visual relation with the city. The natural sunlight exposition plays a significant roll what concerns to the disposition of the interior.  The entrance of the house is on the middle level, on the North façade, where the common areas are located, as the kitchen, dining room, living room and specially the centre and core of the house, which connects physically and visually the 3 floors. Bedrooms and other rooms of the house are respectively located on the 1PP and attic floors.

The scope of our intervention was to solve and redesign the core, mainly on its functionally and additionally aesthetical. The intervention was defined by the space, the vertical wall which connects the 3 floors was used as the centre and main axes of the design. Additionally the natural light is used in the house to emphasize the relation between the spaces, horizontally between the common areas and vertically to accentuate the elegance of the space. Extra artificial light was added to balance and accentuate some moments and details presented in the house. Different scales of intervention were combined to achieve the final result, the larger scale which became bright, spacious and organized by the overall felling of the natural and artificial light, the middle scale offers the functionally of the daily life and practical solutions, and the small scale of the detailing and surfaces, providing the comfort and visual harmony. The visuals relations become part of daily life, where the feeling of openness is stressed by the interior design and new designed furniture. 

The material and unmaterial of the design had a direct relation with the natural and artificial light. The overall lighting components were studied and installed to highlight special spaces, artefacts or artwork. The warm, welcoming and living were achieved by the correct balance of the chosen materials. The textures and colours, were chosen to follow the principle of the concept, natural oak wood installations and furniture were designed with particular detailing, lighting and combined with the original white walls and bright surfaces, which reflect the light and the colours of the house. The visual comfort, design and displacement of the furniture respect the functionally of the family daily life. On other hand it has a psychological effect on the living, providing a peaceful and friendly relation, connecting the floors, spaces and life in the house. The initial core of the house became the centre as a new soul of a family home.

Design: Arch. Marco Maio, Arch. Beatrice Bongetta

Lights: Jan Obermann

Photos: Ta co Foti

Visualization: Pierandrea Solla

Year of study: 2019

Year of completion: 2020

City: Prague

Investor: private