„The most intense desires can only be fulfilled unconditionally.“

Franz Kafka Closest friend of Max Brod

Jilska street in the center of Old Town Prague Max Brod’s residence 19th century neo-renaissance facade and interior design 4,241 sq. ft. of living space 226 sq. ft. terrace Concierge services 2 parking spaces


Located in the heart of Prague

The Old Town of Prague not only witnessed the origins of Czech culture, but it is central to its future as well. Living in this location means to reside in the very heart of Prague and to directly participate in its history.

Completed in 1889, the neo-renaissance building was the residence of local and international high society. Max Brod, the apartment’s namesake, moved into the building in the early 20th century. He was a member of Prague’s Circle of Literati as well as a reknown author, composer and translator. However, Max Brod’s greatest contribution was to ensure that Franz Kafka’s now world famous works were published and saved for posterity.

Max and Franz were best friends. Max admired the distinctiveness of Franz’s stories, his unmistakable style, and the mystery and peculiar description of his characters, all of which seemed unique to him. It was Max who saw the extraordinary potential of Kafka’s work and never ceased believing in him.


4,241 sq. ft. of captivating space (394 m2)

Let’s add to the building’s story by harnessing the architectural potential of the apartment. Art is the skill to create something unique. A creation that is both breathtaking and that touches the heart.

The interior design is inspired by Czech cultural and art history that links shapes, elements, and objects inside the apartment. It is reminiscent of the purity of Czech national art - crystal in form, clear and clean in its origin.

The walls in the spacious apartment retain their own character – the architectural concept keeps the original wall structure as a pleasant contrast to the energy of the new design.

A unique flat with unique features

Design: Arch. Marco Maio, Arch. Beatrice Bongetta

Stage: Study phase

Photos: -

Visualization: Pierandrea Solla

Year of study: 2018

Year of completion: -

City: Prague

Investor: EP Exclusive Properties, s.r.o.

Cooperation: Design22