The family row house is located in a neighborhood nearby the city of Prague. The house has a typical floor plan, where the living area is in the 1NP and bedrooms in the 2NP, plus additionally the house has an underground garage, large terrace and attic which cover the whole house.

The natural light is used in the project to emphasize the relation between the spaces, horizontally between each room and vertically between the different areas of the house. Some internal walls were demolished, and skylights added to accentuate the intention of the lightness.  The visuals relations become part of daily life, where the feeling of openness is stressed by the interior design and furniture. The artificial light was studied and installed to provide warm and welcoming moments in particular areas and common spaces

The project and intervention is drawn in dialogue with the exterior views on the North side to the calm park and the changing colors of the surrounding nature, and on the South part, the relation with the private garden and the terrace as an extension of the living and dining area. The 3 bedrooms in the second floor gained their own identity too.  The dialogue between privacy and common areas has now a closer special and light relation.  The attic provides to the family a multi-functionally space used for music, home cinema or even home office.

The materials were chosen to follow the principle of the concept, using natural materials as oak wood and stone, combined with white walls and bright surfaces, which reflect the light and the colors of the house. The visual comfort, design and displacement of the furniture respect the functionally of the family daily life. On other hand it has a psychological effect on the living, providing a quiet and friendly relation between the spaces of the house. 

The materiality of the house was transformed to a home, full of visual relations, lighting perceptions and stories to say, which in the end reflect the living of the family.

Design: Arch. Marco Maio, Arch. Beatrice Bongetta

Lights: Jan Obermann

Photos: Marika Zaradzka

Visualization: Pierandrea Solla

Year of study: 2019

Year of completion: 2020

City: Praha

Investor: private