Man´s Choice II

This private apartment is located in the centre of Piestany, small Slovak Town well known for the popular spa. Area of the apartment is around 148 sq meters situated on the first floor of the house from 1938.Apartmnet was mainly designed for distingushed private parties and relaxation. Its layout consists of two connected generous spaces. First one is mix of „private“ and „public“: large lobby, occasional working place and sleeping area conected with the spectacular bathroom. Second one is a spacious party room. You can do there whatever you want or feel to in the same time - watch TV, read th book or prepare delicious dinner for your friends on the black “altar“ of the kitchen. Interior surfaces are created by the scale of black & white base complemented with natural texture of oak and unveiled black painted bricks. Furniture contains well known pieces by B&B Italia, Porro or Moooi as well. All those essences are mixed up into one great unit with timeless look...

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